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Coaching (Single Flat Consultation)


These consultations are Skype (video) calls and they can really be whatever you want. Any questions you have and any advice you ask for, I will do my best to provide. Whether it be training, nutrition, programming, competition, or anything else, as long as it's within my realm of knowledge, I teach you as much as I can.

Once your purchase and payment goes through, I will send an email with my Skype username, a liability waiver, and a list of dates and times for our appointment. After you complete the waiver and email it back over, we will confirm our appointment time.

I also offer weekly coaching for those of you who are exceptionally passionate about your progress. If you are interested in becoming a part of Team Tytanium, please email me at tytaniumfitnesscoaching@gmail.com

NOTE: When selecting shipping, you can choose any other country if yours is not available. Since this is not a product that needs to be shipped, it doesn't make any difference.