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"Full Depth" Tee

$20.00 / On Sale

Have you ever seen someone in the gym grunting and yelling as they do some super hardcore half-squats? Do you ever just want to scream at them for making a mockery of your favorite lift? WELL NOW YOU CAN! Just kidding. You probably shouldn't yell at strangers, but you can wear this shirt instead. Rep the depth and let em' know what a real squat looks like. These shirts are top of the line. Like I would wear it even if it didn't have this awesome design just because it fits so well and feels so nice.
- Black print on a white t shirt
- 100% ring spun cotton
- double needle hems
- Tear-away tag

Note: International orders are limited to 2 items. If you are ordering more than 2, you will have to submit another order. I sincerely apologize for the added cost and inconvenience, but there's just no cheap way for me to ship internationally.