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Tytanium Fitness White Stringer

$23.00 / Sold Out

Just like the OG stringers, but in a cleaner colorway. These are printed on authentic Otomix 100% cotton stringers because they were the very first brand of stringer I ever bought. The durability of these stringers can't be beat; you'll never have to worry about tearing your shirt when you belt up for that deadlift PR. These are extremely limited quality (even moreso than the black). Get yours before they sell out!
- Black logo and lettering on a white stringer
- This type of stringer will get you 100 girls on the beach

Note: International orders are limited to 2 items. If you are ordering more than 2, you will have to submit another order. I sincerely apologize for the added cost and inconvenience, but there's just no cheap way for me to ship internationally.